Terms Of Enrolment

  • Sanders Street reserve the right to change fees or our timetable without prior notice. However we will endeavour to inform parents of any changes made.

  • Sanders Street weekly classes are paid via GoCardless direct debit only. While this is being set up you are encouraged to pay any pro rata fees via bank transfer or cash directly to your SS coach.

  • Late or failed payments will result in the student/s being unable to participate in classes until payment has been made. This may include a late payment fee.

  • Holiday camp payments are to be made via bank transfer referencing students name.

  • Refunds will not be issued for camp or classes missed due to any circumstances including holidays or sickness.

  • In the event of cancellations of classes or camps, these will either be refunded or rescheduled at Sanders Streets discretion.

  • Monthly payments can be cancelled with one months written notice.

  • Direct debits are calculated at a pro rata of 39 weeks of term time classes per year (with the exception of bank holidays).

  • Payments will continue throughout school holidays as payment for previous classes.

  • Sanders Street reserves the right to make any changes to these terms as they see fit.

  • All parents are agreeing to the terms of enrolment by booking their child/children in to any Sanders Street class/camp.

  • All parents are agreeing to allow their child/children to be photographed or videoed during class for promotion material that may/may not be used for Sanders Street social media or website. This material will always and only be used by Sanders Street and parents will always be informed this content has been taken and where it will be published.

  • Parents are invited to attend and view their child's/children's free trial class, however after this we ask you to allow us to do what we do best, in teaching your child and gaining authority in a classroom setting.

  • Parents will be invited to attend various performance opportunities, including a Watching Week at the end of each term.

Safe Guarding Policies

  • Sanders Street is committed to providing a positive experience for its students and we believe this is enhanced when they feel safe and are protected from harm, discrimination or exploitation.

  • We endeavour to ensure this is put in to practise by anyone involved with the school and we include parents in this too.

  • All of our coaches are fully DBS checked.

  • All of our coaches are Emergency First Aid trained.

  • Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • Sanders Street reserves the right to ask any student to leave the school if they believe their (the students) behaviour is having a negative affect on another SS students learning and safety.

  • Sanders Street will report any type of safe guarding issue to the local authority as and when they deem fit.

  • Dance is a physical activity and in this instance physical contact may need to be used, Sanders Street coaches will endeavour to use appropriate contact at their discretion for appropriate teaching techniques.

  • Where class numbers are high, an assistant will be employed to allow for safe ratios of students:teacher.

Sanders Street appreciates your co-operation with all the terms above. Parents please remember young people learn by example and together we can keep our community safe and discrimination free. Sanders Street prides itself on strict safe guarding etiquette and will endeavour to keep students safe at anytime.